Sunday, October 11, 2009

Master animator and all around source of inspiration Eric Goldberg with the hosting officers of this year's Pencil Mileage Club. Sarah Banning, Crystal, and Eloisa are Prickly Pachyderm Productions alums from last year's films.
Artist-Creator James Gurney on the art and creation of "Dinatopia"

Recruitment Begins for the New Season

Selection of the new concepts for the Prickly Pachyderm Productions 2010 Season have begun with a number of great proposals by an animation team led by Sarah Banning entitled "FireFly", the story of life in an Inuit village by Diana Ortiz , a conflict between a community of rabbits and cats by Joseph "Joey" Saenze, a friendship between a young boy and a mis-behaving robot by illustrator Sarah Amijo, animator Meg Waldow's tale of friendship and calamity. the curious fate of missing socks by Kevin Lam, and more.

The applications for joining the PPP 2010 teams in the Art 487e Special Studies in Animation course are now available and we look forward to a creative and dynamic new body of work.

The final rendering of last year's "Buki" is in it's final stages with new audio and music tracks now being created. Keep an eye on the website!

We have been inspired by the recent visits by master animator Eric Goldberg and artist-creator of "Dinatopia" James Gurney to get back to our drawing tables and get to work. Our thanks for them coming out and giving such great presentations.

Monday, September 7, 2009

This happy crew are the creators, artists, and animators of "Gwyllgi", the darkest of our three films as it follows the hunt for souls during a famine. Led by co-directors Amy Clark (the one hugging) and Sarah Banning (the one being hugged), the group is amazingly cheerful considering the somber mood of the traditionally animated film.
Here is the team that worked on "Buki", the sad little sushi with a serious thirst. A little tension seems apparent in the group's affection for Director Howard Cheng as 2nd Director Kijeon Nam hides somewhere off camera. Ahh... good times....
These are the artists and animators who worked on "Meteor" where a mild-mannered lizard faces off with an apocalyptic chunk of rock hurtling toward his hometown. The film was created by Heather Crilly (not in photo) who is co-directing with Pedro Santana (center, front row) .
"Buki" is in it's final stages, here is the image of the Sushi Bar counter where the central character makes his intitial entrance. We hope to launch a premiere of the film in the Spring semster of 2010.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

This is a recent render of a scene from "Buki", the story of a frustrated Sushi in search of a beloved elixir...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here is director Howard Cheng's lighting sample for the kitchen scene of "Buki". Watch for the new animation coming soon!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thanks to our animation/illustration area student organization the Pencil Mileage Club, several of our team members were able to tour the Dreamworks Animation Studio on April 10th. Since many of us got there early, we got coffee at their own Starbucks on the lot and were in line with Jeffrey Katzenberg and Ben Stiller. Thankfully, no one went uber-fan and accosted either one.
Several team members from our films attended a Dreamworks presentation on layout using Maya.
On Friday, April 10th, director Heather Crilly, Effects Artists Quoc and Vincent Nguyen and PMC officer Liston Morris met with a Dreamworks Effects Artist to discuss the technical challenges of some scenes in both "Buki" and "Meteor".

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Newly textured "Buki" character

This is the recently textured version of the central character "Buki", the sushi with a passion for soy sauce.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Animation from "Gwyllgi"

Big news for the "Unbound" film, a mythological dramatization of the devastating potato famine in Ireland: We have a title for the film! It will be Gwyllgi” (pronounced "goo-li-chi") which translates to the "Black dogs" of Welsh Folklore.
First run at the entrance of the news van....
This is Robbie Robertson's initial animation of the central character Bob as he is hearing about a meteor hurtling toward his little apartment....

Heather at the controls...
We had our second voice recording for both "Buki" and "Meteor" recently in the Theater Department's recording studio. Our audio engineer was Heather and our lead voice talent was Joe. The recording samples had us all laughing during the review especially with "Buki", the little sushi experiencing everything from being flung into space to nearly being cut into slivers by falling glass.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It appears that the new co-director on "Meteor" has a gentle, nurturing touch with his team. Pedro encourages his minions with a kind word and praise yet Megumi still eyes him with a bit of suspicion....
A poorly animated scene tends to set him off a bit... Hey, this could be a great reality show! It has all the right elements: no sleep, emotional stress, betrayal, people freaking out in close quarters - now we just need someone to eat some bugs...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The facial rig is complete for the character "Buki" for the film of the same name. Let the animation begin!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Here is the amazing recording studio where we did our first passes with our favorite theater voice talent Joe Calarco and friends. Production manager Amanda Thomas for "Meteor" is intently listening to the takes, or maybe just has Aerosmith on her I-pod, hard to tell....
The creators of our 2D animated short "Unbound" are seen here from left to right with some extra faces from our other film "Meteor". Second from the left is creator and co-director Sarah Banning, fourth from the left is creator and co-director Amy Clark, production manager Bill Stewart to her right, and far right is post production manager for all three films (whew), Megumi Tsuji.
Our third 3D animated film is "Buki", the little sushi with an aggressive craving for soy sauce. Show here (from left to right) are creator and co-directors Kijeon Nam, Howard Cheng (standing) effects artists Quoc Nguyen and Vincent Nguyen, and Production Manager "Crack that Whip" Stephanie Reyes.
One of many "Meteor" production meetings with (from the right) creator and co-director Heather Crilly, Production Managers Diane Schulz and Amanda Thomas speaking with storyboard artist Rachell Farwell. "Meteor" is a 3D animated apocalyptic spoof in a reptilian world.

Two background layouts for village in "Unbound by Brandon Franco.
This is a size comparison chart for the main characters in "Unbound", see the following film for one in action....
This is a color test for (Working title) "UnBound"; the story of Bean - a spirit who is tied to a ravenous shape-shifting beast that has descended upon a village during the black death. When the beast focuses its attention on a young girl, Bean is forced to decide between her loyalty to a longtime companion and the life of a child.
This is one of the three short animated films in production at Prickly Pachyderm Productions and will be done entirely in 2D animation. The team is led by creators and co-directors Amy Clark and Sarah Banning with Production Manager Bill Stewart.

The news van for "Meteor" by creator Heather Crilly who is co-directing the film with Pedro Santana. Production managers Amanda Thomas and Diane Schulz, the van has now been modeled and is ready for it's paint job...

To reduce some stress, we have begun weekly Nerf Wars just before noon. We thought it would be fun but underestimated the competitive nature of some of our team mates....

Quoc, April and Vincent strike a pose....
The ever-so-shy April manages to blast her way into the Prickly Pachyderm Productions history book as the 1st Nerf War Winner of the season! Huzzah!

Soda Can Effects Shot

This is a tough one for Vincent and Quoc, our short film "Buki"'s effects team. They are trying to create the explosion from a shaken soda can as it opens and takes off. So far, we have pudding....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Here is a view of the new textures by our artist Pornsin for the kitchen stage of "Buki".
Sample #2 of Pornsin's textures.

We are proud to introduce this X-Ray of "Buki", the little sushi with the Soy Sauce problem. Keep watching for more....

Friday, February 20, 2009

These are the color keys by Brandon for "Unbound"
Third color key for "Unbound".
The level of organization required to keep all of the artists on schedule is demanding and many of the Production Managers on the films are starting to understand how critical their jobs are to making it to the deadline.
Anthony has signed on as a consultant on rigging and trying to help figure out rendering. He's not even in the class but has decided screen credit will be enough. Here he works with Amanda and Diane on "Meteor".
The mood of the class is pretty intense, that's why they don't even notice me snapping photos of the artists and animators in action. Shhhhh.... Zelda is animating....

Closer view of the center of action where our hero will attempt to overcome all odds and win his elusive prize....

"Buki" Stage 1

This is the final model for the Sushi restaurant in the short film "Buki".

Saturday, February 7, 2009

We began last week's production meetings with the previous week's reviews. Here is Production Managers Amanda and Diane with CG artist Salim for one of three film's entitled "Meteor".
C0-Directors Howard and Kijeon with Production Manager Stephanie give David his week's work assignments.

He is thrilled.
Then there are those moments of sheer brilliance, when the "Big Idea" hits!
The new simulated studio experience can cause a little friction even among friends...
Some spontaneous dance moves break the tension sometimes...
Both peer reviews and sharing of technical methods and production techniques are common.
Kat threatens the paparazzi....
Please note the tandem abilities of traditional skills and computer wizardry.

The reviews begin, here's Director Amy with Rachel and Eloisa