Monday, February 23, 2009

Here is a view of the new textures by our artist Pornsin for the kitchen stage of "Buki".
Sample #2 of Pornsin's textures.

We are proud to introduce this X-Ray of "Buki", the little sushi with the Soy Sauce problem. Keep watching for more....

Friday, February 20, 2009

These are the color keys by Brandon for "Unbound"
Third color key for "Unbound".
The level of organization required to keep all of the artists on schedule is demanding and many of the Production Managers on the films are starting to understand how critical their jobs are to making it to the deadline.
Anthony has signed on as a consultant on rigging and trying to help figure out rendering. He's not even in the class but has decided screen credit will be enough. Here he works with Amanda and Diane on "Meteor".
The mood of the class is pretty intense, that's why they don't even notice me snapping photos of the artists and animators in action. Shhhhh.... Zelda is animating....

Closer view of the center of action where our hero will attempt to overcome all odds and win his elusive prize....

"Buki" Stage 1

This is the final model for the Sushi restaurant in the short film "Buki".

Saturday, February 7, 2009

We began last week's production meetings with the previous week's reviews. Here is Production Managers Amanda and Diane with CG artist Salim for one of three film's entitled "Meteor".
C0-Directors Howard and Kijeon with Production Manager Stephanie give David his week's work assignments.

He is thrilled.
Then there are those moments of sheer brilliance, when the "Big Idea" hits!
The new simulated studio experience can cause a little friction even among friends...
Some spontaneous dance moves break the tension sometimes...
Both peer reviews and sharing of technical methods and production techniques are common.
Kat threatens the paparazzi....
Please note the tandem abilities of traditional skills and computer wizardry.

The reviews begin, here's Director Amy with Rachel and Eloisa
Last Thursday was a wet one but all teams got to work quickly and the mood of the class was properly intense!