Monday, September 7, 2009

This happy crew are the creators, artists, and animators of "Gwyllgi", the darkest of our three films as it follows the hunt for souls during a famine. Led by co-directors Amy Clark (the one hugging) and Sarah Banning (the one being hugged), the group is amazingly cheerful considering the somber mood of the traditionally animated film.
Here is the team that worked on "Buki", the sad little sushi with a serious thirst. A little tension seems apparent in the group's affection for Director Howard Cheng as 2nd Director Kijeon Nam hides somewhere off camera. Ahh... good times....
These are the artists and animators who worked on "Meteor" where a mild-mannered lizard faces off with an apocalyptic chunk of rock hurtling toward his hometown. The film was created by Heather Crilly (not in photo) who is co-directing with Pedro Santana (center, front row) .
"Buki" is in it's final stages, here is the image of the Sushi Bar counter where the central character makes his intitial entrance. We hope to launch a premiere of the film in the Spring semster of 2010.