Sunday, October 11, 2009

Recruitment Begins for the New Season

Selection of the new concepts for the Prickly Pachyderm Productions 2010 Season have begun with a number of great proposals by an animation team led by Sarah Banning entitled "FireFly", the story of life in an Inuit village by Diana Ortiz , a conflict between a community of rabbits and cats by Joseph "Joey" Saenze, a friendship between a young boy and a mis-behaving robot by illustrator Sarah Amijo, animator Meg Waldow's tale of friendship and calamity. the curious fate of missing socks by Kevin Lam, and more.

The applications for joining the PPP 2010 teams in the Art 487e Special Studies in Animation course are now available and we look forward to a creative and dynamic new body of work.

The final rendering of last year's "Buki" is in it's final stages with new audio and music tracks now being created. Keep an eye on the website!

We have been inspired by the recent visits by master animator Eric Goldberg and artist-creator of "Dinatopia" James Gurney to get back to our drawing tables and get to work. Our thanks for them coming out and giving such great presentations.

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