Monday, February 22, 2010

Studio Logo

Creators and leadership of "Goovel"

"Goovel's" primary team from left to right; Background painter and Assistant Production Manager Annie Ruygt, Production Manager Ara Zakarian, Animation Director Diana Otiz, and Creator/Director/Illustrator Sarah Amijo.
From left to right; Alisa Ogura, Leigha Panelli, Leo Parada, and Ethan Lawrence

Getting the Characters Down

This are character studies as the "Firefly" team of in-betweeners and clean up artists become familiar with the characters, drawing style, and for most trying to master drawing on a Wacom tablet.

Amber Brinigar's Character Studies

Adrienne Jimenez First Drafts

Firefly Team Members

Director of Production William Stewart reviews work with Annie Rugyt and Kat Ruzics. Kat is a lead animator on "Firefly" and Annie is working on two films this semester.

Amos & Murphy Take Off

This is a first of a series of animated scenes with the background paintings of Attila-Szenczi Molna with keys by either Sarah Banning or Kat Ruzics.

"Firefly" Murphy Test

Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting Started

Crew member David Hummel reviews the staging and action for the city in "The Guardian" have been explored using a simple forms in 3D. The story revolves around a shell-shocked soldier stumbling into a "Steampunk" era village that has been badly damaged. His assumption that the town has been totally abandoned is shattered with the appearance of a mechanical creature and a child that has somehow survived the destruction. Tune in for more adventures...

Second Film Crew

Chris Emerson meets with "The Guardian" crew to get all the assignments handed out.


Directors Bill Stewart and Sarah Banning explain the foundation of their film "Firefly". The story revolves around an adventurous boy and his faithful canine companion as they attempt to capture their first firefly. The tables are turned and the boy and his dog learn a dramatic lesson in how freedom is a universal desire.

"Firefly" crew and new recruits