Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome to Prickly Pachyderm Productions!

The birth of Prickly Pachyderm Productions a year ago also began with rainy weather in late January although today included the news of two twisters - one in Santa Barbara and one in our very own Fullerton. We had our pre-semester meeting to tabulate the talent of the group and begin assigning our new company "employees" to their films.

We have three films in the works:
"Firefly" will be created in traditional or pencil animation with some CG effects for the cloud of firefly's who come to the rescue of one of their own. This film has several veterans from last year's "Gwyllgi" film about the orphaned children who take on death himself including Crystal Cornejo, Kat Ruzics, Diana Ortiz, Bill Stewart, and Sarah Banning. They will guide the new talent to tackle a much lighter subject in "Firefly" whose concept was co-created with Amy Clark who is working full-time now at Dreamworks.

The second film will be an experiment in a simulated cut-out style of animation with heavy use of After Effects to capture the art and characters created by Sara Amijo. Her story revolves around the challenges of a lonely little boy who adopts a discarded robot that struggles with some serious issues. The working title is "Goovel" and we have assembled a great team of illustrators, animators, and post production artists to bring this story to life including Diana Ortiz and Karen Okstad helping flesh out the story details.

Our third film has been in heavy development even through intersession in the creation of the story premise and the assets. Headed by almost an entirely new crew, today's meeting covered lots of ground and resolved several key story issues. Several key members have been through previous animation classes and you can already see the creative chemistry happening as we dealt with the foundation of their scenes. This one will be coming in as our CG project under the working title "The Guardian".

Keep checking back to see our art, animation and photo journal as we launch these three projects! You can get to know some of the newest talent on the horizon as the projects come to life.

"FireFly" Opening Title

Title design and animation by Leo Parada.

Home Sweet Home

The toy store and the apartment where Dannie and his mother live.

"Firefly" Background

Painting by Attila Szenczi-Molnar

"Goovel" Backgrounds

The large shot of the street where Dannie lives, pencils by Sarah Amijo, art preparation by Melvin Young, and paint by Annie Ruygt.
Animator Joonhee Cho works on the main character running through the fields after fireflys on a summer evening.

"Firefly" progress

Background artist Attila Szenczi-Molnar has completed almost all of the new digital backgrounds for "Firefly".

Revising the story;

Story revisions for both "Goovel" and "The Guardian" have kept storyboard artists Karen Okstad and Leigha Panelli hard at work revising the scenes.
Animator Stephen Gunawan works on the final scenes with the robotic cat and child.

Setting the color palettes;

Colorist and team illustrator Philip Vo works out the art direction on the film painting directly on the three dimensional monochromatic layouts.

Modeling for "The Guardian"

Modeler and animator Ben Smith builds the interior environment and details for the inventor's shop scene.

3D Layout

Lead Environmental Artist Alex Diaz and Production Manager Ken Hung refer to the "Guardian" village to plane their staging and the movement of the characters through the scene.

Jonathan Soto's Animation

is is the scene where the mechanical cat breaks through a wall in chase of the soldier.

Goovel Updates

Directors Sarah Amijo and Diana Ortiz review the latest watercolor background paintings with Production Manager Ara Zakarian.

New Background Paintings